Kier Lindsay



I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a bachelor's degree in computing science and a minor in philosophy. During my time at school I focused on artificial intelligence and computer vision. Over the years I have developed a breadth of technical knowledge and awareness of the impact technology has on how humanity lives. As the effects of the internet revolution are accepted by the masses necessarily large quantities of data are being produced every second. This next stage in my career is focused on founding ENDpoint Ventures to develop cloud first geospatial data solutions and tools. These aim to provide end users and companies who generate and gather data to unrivaled access to the fruits of their hard work and enable sharing it with less technical people. Allowing every day users to be empowered by their data.

I am a person that values the world around us. I hope that the world becomes a fairer, cleaner, more caring place that allows us all to live our lives freely, happily and beautifully. I personally hold myself to these values and hope to enjoy learning and discovery more about you and yours. If nothing else consider the value in others personality as we all have the
shared goal

ENDpoint Enterprise Maps

Originally PLANmap; A web mapping tool developed on Postgres Leaflet Apache2 and Node.js which delivers spatial data and Open Web Services to clients. This system includes a full authentication and user management system as well as semi automated module deployment. Tech used: Leaflet, SlickGird, Bootstrap, jsPDF, GeoServer, WMS, pm2, es6, grunt, L.draw, geojson, node-pg, ejs, express, and more.

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TDL Progressive Web App

An offline capable leaflet progressive web app which I built in a few months. This app allows clients to track critical licensing requirements and is integrated with our authentication system and database management tools. This was designed to be user-friendly for the contractors that will be using it in the field.
Tech Used: Service Worker API, JWT, PouchDB.

Web 3 / BullChat

Still under development but a very promising technology is decentralized web apps (DAP) Recently I have been working with the innovative Graph Universal Node (GUN) Library to produce a vanilla framework for communication that is easily added to any JS application. This tech is in its infancy but the fundamental library allows for easy extensibility while simplifying some complex and/or unintuitive parts of GUN. It will evolve to have more high level decentralize utilities.

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Tech Demo

U-nets for Fast Style Transfer

This is a machine learning group project where my team and I tested the use of U-nets for image style transfer using Python/TensorFlow and the Google Cloud Platform

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Asteroid belt

This is a personal project in which I am developing a small game from scratch in C++/SFML I have created a number of low level game systems for this project such as a collision detection system and game time management system.

B.S. Computing Science Minor Philosophy
Simon Fraser University.

Specializing in software development, advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and value theory. Grad Fall 2021

ENDpoint Ventures

August 2022 – Current


  • Serving your data needs. Web based nice UI fast data access.
  • Enterprise Features: Web mapping and databases. Custom work flows.
  • Beta Features: Point Cloud Admin and Sharing
  • Planed Features: GoPro imagery and 360 support.
  • Help find solutions to a variety of technical issues both within the organization and for our clients
  • Endpoint Ventures specializes in building cloud first geospatial data applications. Our ENDpoint products let the tech do the heavy lifting so that YOU get the answers you need without barriers. Access, manage and share your data any time from anywhere, with a few simple clicks. We believe that using geospatial data shouldn’t be hard, expensive or tedious, that’s why we build the solutions which break down technology barriers and empower your entire organization to use geospatial data. 6 months from now the only question will be who will love it more, you or your clients.


August 2019 – 2022

Full Stack Web Developer (Intermediate)

  • Full Stack Web Developer (Intermediate) - I am the principal developer of the PLAN Map system (details in project section). VGeo builds various web mapping and analysis tools with a focus on using innovative open source software to deliver actionable data.
  • Work collaboratively with other team members to solve bugs and test the applications.
  • Help find solutions to a variety of technical issues both within the organization and for our clients

Vivint Canada Inc

May 2016 - August 2021

Manager Lead Tech

Summer Installation Technician

  • security systems installation working closely with customers. This requires many skills including customer service, hardware and software troubleshooting and extensive problem-solving. This opportunity paid for my post secondary education. I was promoted to management before stepping down to focus on development at the end of the 2021 summer season.
  • Running ethernet and power lines in homes as well as rewiring hardwired security sensors
  • Installing security cameras and sensors
  • Hardware and software troubleshooting and extensive problem-solving skills in new and changing systems.
  • Costumer Service and Engagement
  • Sales pipeline fundamentals and experience working closely with sales team to finalize/ deliver promises.



  • C/C++
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Java
  • php
  • x86 Assembly
  • Code is code, I am confident in my ability to learn any language.

Development Tools

  • VCS: Git / Github / Gitlab
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Digital Ocean
  • Debuggers (gpp and web)
  • Webstorm
  • Grunt
  • npm
  • Node.js
  • OpenCV
  • TensorFlow


  • Extensive Linux experience 12+ Years.
  • Full Stack Web Mapping and Progresive Web Apps.
  • Open Web Service (WMS,WFS,GeoServer)
  • Database design including spatial data.
  • Server configuration and deployment on physical hardware and cloud computing platforms.
  • Very strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Using and developing Machine learning, solutions.
  • Traditional and new visual recognition techniques.
  • Full Stack web development
  • Hardware/Software interfacing.
  • Server configuration and deployment


  • Strong communication and customer service skills
  • Collaborative programming and team planning
  • High level systems explanation for technical and nontechnical people.
  • Customer education/ training
  • Application help design and implementation